Hello Nice Visitors!

My name is Manley Presser and the grinning picture you see was taken a long time ago when I was still wet behind the ears.  Sometimes people call me Man-Man because that's my nickname, but when I perform music, I am known simply as Manley.  I was born in the Philippines.  That's far, far away.  But I am an American 100% and love America and all the people here.

I'm now a middle-school boy and study all my lessons very hard so I will make good grades and please my mom and dad.

Some day I want be a rock star.  I hope to be rich and drive a Jaguar sports car.  I just love classic rock and roll, but I listen to all kinds of different music too.  My dad has lots of Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis  records and I think he makes good music on his record machine.


So, start clicking your mouse and look at my web pages.  I know you will like them.  My dad helped me with some stuff, but I will learn to do it by myself soon.  Visit often, because I will try to add something every week or two.