Hi, guys and dolls!  I know how to pound out some neat tunes on the piano and keyboard.  Do you want to hear some beautiful noise?

Let's start with my very own rock 'n' roll tune.  Bet you never heard this title before, 'cause it's the first time ever anywhere on the 'net:

Jukin' the Joint 4:03  jukin' the joint.mp3

While I love to play jazz, blues, rock & roll, folk songs, and the classics to mention a few, my specialty is to dig up the music of yesteryear, then arrange and perform them to sound fresh and up-to-date.

Well, my latest project is a new album of America's favorite songs of the South.  The album title is: 

***STARS & BARS***
arranged and performed by Manley

Download my  free mp3 files!  Enjoy them on your mp3 player, play them from your hard drive, or add them to your home-brew videos.  Just click on the hyperlinks (or right-click and select, 'Save Target As'). So, lets party now!!

Dixie (Dixie's Land) 2:21  dixie.mp3
My Old Kentucky Home 4:51  my old kentucky home.mp3

Be sure to bookmark this page to remind yourself to return for more free downloads as they become available.

Have a request, y'all?  Please E-mail me if you would like for me to render some of your favorites and publish them, right here on my personal web-page.  How about a dedication to that someone special?  No problem.  Just think, all the songs here will never, ever die.  A hundred or even a thousand years from now, somebody, somewhere will still be into our music!

All finished?  Like to see lots more?
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